Born in Japan. After having devoted myself to dub, funk, free jazz, noise, and ethnic music, I (Masahiro Tsutani) awakened to the pleasurable sensations created by fluctuations in the interspaces between sound and sound and now produce spasmodic music.

I want to create a new sense of pleasure that combines with other pleasures, extracting and amplifying pleasurable feelings that work directly on the portion of the brain that takes in pleasant sensations. Moreover, I will cherish the elation and floating feeling that is obtained particularly through this sensation.

I also do live performances with synchronized images and sounds, and am simultaneously creating image products. In my regular live performances that employ only sound I have ended many sets with around five-minutes of screaming.
You can watch movies and photos I took on images page or youtube, and listen to music samples on sounds page.

My movie[Between Regularity and Irregularity] was screened at Berlin International Film Festival in Feb 2013.-----about my movie

Favorite Music
gamelan in jawa(esp. reog ponorogo), traditional music in egypt ,
traditional music in india , traditional music in tsugaru in Japan,
sinawi ensemble in south korea, dub, minimal techno, funk, noise, tango, jazz,e.t.c.

p.u.s. , rimpa siva, meters, augustus pablo & king tubby,
jan jelinek , porter ricks, incapacitants, hugo diaz, mouse on mars,
money mark, steve reich, cecil taylor, thelonious monk,
john coltrane(around a love supreme), ornette coleman, john zorn,
JB, sly, the pop group, the bomb squad, d'angelo, e.t.c.

Favorite Photographs
doll photos / Hans Bellmer
flower photos / Robert Mapplethorpe

Favorite Artists
James Turrell
Ernest Neto
Antony Gormley
Kohei Nawa
Egon Schiele

Favorite Movies
[Street of Crocodiles] Brothers Quay
[Commingled Containers][Rage Net] Stan Brakhage
[Eraser Head] David Lynch
[Tarch Trip] Hiroyuki Oki
[Grim][Thunder] Takashi Ito
[Paris,Texas] Wim Wenders
[Tokyo Fist] Tsukamoto Shinya
[Avetik] Don Askarian
[Flora] Jan Svankmajer

Way of life I want
Gathering and Hunting Food