Born in Japan. After having devoted myself to dub, funk, free jazz, noise, and ethnic music, I(Masahiro Tsutani)awakened to the pleasurable sensations created by fluctuations in the interspaces between sound and sound and now produce spasmodic music.

I want to create a new sense of pleasure that combines with other pleasures, extracting and amplifying pleasurable feelings that work directly on the portion of the brain that takes in pleasant sensations. Moreover, I will cherish the elation and floating feeling that is obtained particularly through this sensation.

I also do live performances with synchronized images and sounds, and am simultaneously creating image products. In my regular live performances that employ only sound I have ended many sets with around five-minutes of screaming.
You can watch movies and photos I took on images page or youtube, and listen to music samples on sounds page.

My movie[Between Regularity and Irregularity] was screened at Berlin International Film Festival in Feb 2013.-----about my movie

Favorite Music
gamelan in jawa(esp. reog ponorogo), traditional music in egypt ,
traditional music in india , traditional music in tsugaru in Japan,
sinawi ensemble in south korea, dub, minimal techno, funk, noise, tango, jazz,e.t.c.

p.u.s. , rimpa siva, meters, augustus pablo & king tubby,
jan jelinek , porter ricks, incapacitants, hugo diaz, mouse on mars,
money mark, steve reich, cecil taylor, thelonious monk,
john coltrane(around a love supreme), ornette coleman, john zorn,
JB, sly, the pop group, the bomb squad, d'angelo, e.t.c.

Favorite Photographs
doll photos / Hans Bellmer
flower photos / Robert Mapplethorpe

Favorite Artists
James Turrell
Ernest Neto
Antony Gormley
Kohei Nawa
Egon Schiele

Favorite Movies
[Street of Crocodiles] Brothers Quay
[Commingled Containers][Rage Net] Stan Brakhage
[Eraser Head] David Lynch
[Tarch Trip] Hiroyuki Oki
[Grim][Thunder] Takashi Ito
[Paris,Texas] Wim Wenders
[Tokyo Fist] Tsukamoto Shinya
[Avetik] Don Askarian
[Flora] Jan Svankmajer

Way of life I want
Gathering and Hunting Food